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Provincial Treasurers Office

(For more information, check the PTO’s Citizens Charter above)




  1. Take charge of overall collection of revenues of the Provincial Government and other entrusted collection due to other branches of the national and local agencies;
  2. Advice the Chief Executive and Sangguniang Panlalawigan and other national and local officials regarding the disposition of local government funds and such other matters relative to public finance;
  3. Take custody and exercise proper management of public funds;
  4. Take charge of the disbursement of government funds and such as other funds;
  5. Maintain and update the tax information system of the local government;
  6. Exercise technical supervision over all the treasury offices of the municipalities of the province.


Enhancement of financial stability of the province and its municipality through continues program of improving the local revenue efficiency and sufficiency.


Financial Stability of the province and it’s municipalities through continues program of improving local revenue collection efficiency and management of each resources. Implementation on the efficient and progressive organization for fiscal administration particularly in the collection, custody and disbursement of local funds, local taxation and related auxiliary of general service.


Service Pledge

To the best of our abilities and knowledge, we will continue to deliver the best services w/c the public expects for us. We will support all the endeavors of the Provincial Government for the better  and a future ready public service.

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The current query has no posts. Please make sure you have published items matching your query.
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