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Provincial Health Office

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Based on approved Organizational Structure of the PHO-Preventive and Promotive Health Service Division, the office is mandated to effectively implement the field health programs in the province in coordination with the different Local Government Health Units. Likewise, it shall monitor and evaluate processes, update knowledge on health care, maintain facilities and equipment to comply with  the strategic framework in line with the Universal Health Care Act implementation.


To provide full array of health services in the province of Occidental, Mindoro by trained health professionals. It caters to the preventive, promotive, curative, palliative, and rehabilitative needs of the populace through its institutionalized health system. 


A responsive and functional provincial health system to achieve EQUITY.

Engage Local Government Unites and other stakeholders in a systematic and organized Service Delivery Network. 
Quality services and health products at all levels of care
Universal Health Care coverage
Interventions to improve performance accountability
Timely surveillance, monitoring and reviews
Yearly assessment of health resources and investments for the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable population


A. Plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate the national and local activities of the following:

  • a. Programs and Projects
    • i. Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases
    • ii. Health Education and Training
  • b. Primary Health Care
    • i. Maternal and Child Health
    • ii. Family Planning
    • iii. Oral Health
  • c. Nutrition
  • d. Regulatory
    • i. Environmental Health and Sanitation
    • ii. Environmental Issuances based on the Sanitation Code of the the Philippines

B. Ensure timely surveillance activities, and re-emerging diseases through an established database system. 

C. Formulate plan if activities as mandated by the Provincial Government and Department of Health.

D. Implement planning,  coordination, and execution of administrative services that support office operations encompassing areas of financial management, information management, facilities management, to support the general services of the office. 

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