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Pursuant to Sangguniang Panlalawigan issuance on Re-engineered Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern of this Agency, Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Division (LEDIPD) is mandated to provide the Province with more opportunities for Investment promotions and local economic development. Likewise , it shall regulate the operations of Investors by Implementing the corresponding rules and regulations. 


LEDIPD shall develop policies and programs which will helps improve the business climate leading to attract potential investors, continuous development and support to existing business as well as strengthening of various industries in the province. The Office shall also explore various areas of investment possibilities add opportunities by researching on local economic development and effectively execute the corresponding feasibility studies. 


The Local Economic and Investment Promotions Division (LEDIPD) is the prime marketing arm of the Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro with ethical and dedicated staff working towards a competitive, sound and vibrant business environment that promotes the key investment and trade areas in the province for an inclusive economic and business growth partnership with the private sector. 


Service Pledge

LEDIPD commits the following services:

A. Operations

  1. Formulate annual and medium-term plans for Medium and Large Enterprises (MLE) development;
  2. Prepare investment opportunity profiles, including but nit limited to Industry profiles, project profiles and viability/feasibility studies;
  3. Identity support investment activities, such as but not limited to trade agreements with other LGUs for sourcing of raw materials; cooperation agreements with other government entities to facilitate investor transactions; and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements;
  4. Coordinate and monitor policies, programs and activities relative to MLEs of all national and local government agencies;
  5. Continuously review the local investment climate and incentives program in order to recommend improvements.
  6. Advise qualified investors on the preparation of their applications for incentive packages. 

B. Promotions and Marketing

  1. Promote and market the province as an attractive investment/business destination;
  2. Identify key investment opportunities from amount those provided by the Regulatory section (Operations) to be highlighted in promotions and marketing efforts;
  3. Disseminate information to potential investors through: trade missions, trade fairs and exhibits, fora/seminars, briefings/orientations, etc.
  4. Prepare investment promotion materials (i.e. presentations of industry and projects profiles; competitive analysis vis a vis other LGUs; competitive advantages of Occidental Mindoro; other general business information);
  5. Develop and implement retention/expansion strategies for existing investors.

C. Support Services

  1. Establish and maintain a database of investment opportunities and investors;
  2. Operate an online information assistance desk;
  3. Recommend and/or implement improvements in systems and processes towards simplification or improved productivity;
  4. Coordinate access to skilled, province-based manpower resources. 
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