Hotline Numbers


    +63 919-093-7678

    +63 916-163-4878

   Provincial Health Office

     +63 955-954-7177

     +63 929-708-7427

   Provincial Hospital

     +63 956-420-2343



We, the Provincial Government Officials and Employees, in the spirit of genuine public service, commit to empower our constituency by carrying out our sworn duties as civil servants as embodied in this Occidental Mindoro Provincial Guidebook on key Government Services to the best of our capabilities.


The Province of Occidental Mindoro commits to provide the effective and efficient delivery of basic government services for the well-being of its constituency through:

  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Development of agriculture and eco-tourism
  • Preparedness on the impact for climate change and disaster risk
  • Development of needed infrastructures
  • Improvement of health services and facilities
  • Meaningful education for all
  • Provision of economic opportunities for all


We envision Occidental Mindoro as a major food basket of the nation, a popular tourism destination, a disaster resilient and prepared province, and a home to an empowered citizenry, including its indigenous people, who are active participants in development guided by effective and good leadership.